AVF: Opportunities in MENA Tech VC

Keynote by Iliad Partners Founder & Managing Partner at KAUST's Arabian Venture Forum
November 21, 2016

Arabian Venture Forum by KAUST
November 21st, 2016

Keynote presentation discussing "The Opportunities in MENA Tech Venture Capital". Key highlights:

  • Increasing investments in MENA tech startups - more deals, larger deals, higher total investment - as the ecosystem develops. Increasing number of global investors investing in MENA startups.

  • Growing number of MENA VC exits to both global and regional players – but still work in progress

  • However, gaps in MENA VC persist – still not enough capital allocated towards VC and gaps in capabilities

  • The time to invest in MENA tech VC is now: regional LPs must provide vote of confidence to MENA VC - more quality dealflow, shift to tech and innovation is inevitable and opportunity for higher returns / learning