Iliad Partners is a Venture Capital firm based in the UAE that invests in early-stage technology companies with a focus on the MENA region. We take an active, hands-on approach to help founders to build the disruptive companies of tomorrow.

We invest in the MENA startups that are powering the tech enablement and digitization of the region’s economy across key verticals including fintech, proptech, logistics, mobility and edtech via localized solutions. We focus on post-revenue companies at the Pre-Series A and Series A stages that have already achieved product-market fit and are now looking to grow their business and expand cross-border into new markets in the GCC. 


We also invest in innovative global startups that have developed disruptive technologies that can fill critical innovation gaps in MENA and are seeking to enter the region, with a focus on the UAE and KSA. Our focus includes startups in Europe and in Emerging Markets that can benefit from entering the MENA region, and can contribute to disrupting key industries leveraging deep tech such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, and IoT.


Iliad Partners leverages its operating profile, active, hands-on approach, and regional network to actively support our startups – with regional business development with key clients and strategic partnership, market access and regional expansion to GCC markets, finding and attracting the right talent, building and developing the Finance function.


We work with experienced founders and strong teams that are fully committed and are well positioned to execute local solutions that are a good fit for the region. As former founders and tech entrepreneurs ourselves, we deeply value our relationships with founders and work hard to help them succeed as our partners on their epic journey of entrepreneurship.