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The Iliad Team

Iliad Partners is led by an experienced Investment Team with a track record of investing and building businesses in the MENA region and globally. We are early-stage tech VCs with an operating background and prior experience as tech startup founders, as executives at top-tier tech corporates and accelerators, and as VC, CVC, PE, and angel investors.


The Iliad team combines global experience in the US and Europe with deep local knowledge of MENA markets. Based in MENA for more than a decade, our team has successfully launched, scaled, and exited startups as founders and investors, managed corporations as senior executives, and executed a wide range of transactions, business development partnerships, and tech deals.  


Our collaborative approach, operating experience, sectoral knowledge, and regional network enable us to be active, hands-on investors working with founders side-by-side as partners to deliver tangible value-add to their businesses. We know how to grow businesses in MENA because we have done it before as investors, founders, and operators.


We are actively supported by our Venture Partners, our IC, our Global Advisory Council of industry leaders from Silicon Valley, MIT, and emerging markets, our Board, and our partnerships with leading ecosystem players.

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