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Diego Lopez

Global Advisory Council

Iliad Partners

New York, USA


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Diego is the Founder and Managing Director of Global SWF, an boutique advisory firm focused on Sovereign Wealth Funds and Institutional Investors. He has 12 years of industry experience in the world’s main financial centers.

Diego spent the last five years building up and strengthening PwC’s footprint in the SWF industry. From 2013 to 2016 he served as the Director and COO of the global team based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and from 2016 to 2018 he acted as the SWF point-person in the Americas, as part of the M&A team based in New York. During these years, he was a key member of the Global Deals Origination, in charge of sourcing investment opportunities to the world’s largest funds including Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds, State-Owned Enterprises, Trading Houses and large Private Equities.

Prior to joining PwC, Diego worked for 5 years in KPMG and for 2 years in French boutique Accuracy, specializing in due diligence, valuation and M&A. He started his career trading derivatives in Santander, Eurozone’s largest banking group. All in all, he has lived and worked in Europe, Middle East, China, Brazil and the USA, pursuing cross-border transactions, managing complex projects and leading multi-cultural teams.

He pursued his studies in Economics in Madrid and Milan before earning his Masters in Finance from the London School of Economics (LSE), where he now serves as the Ambassador to the Middle East. He is an affiliate of Tufts University’s SovereigNet and of the World Bank's SWF Global Hub, and a PhD Dissertation Committee Member at Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and a contributor for leading publications on SWF matters, and quoted on FT, Thomson Reuters, Wall Street Journal and Al Jazeera among others.

Diego is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, has working knowledge of French and basic notions of Arabic. He is an advocate of the “melting pot”, after living in 8 countries and visiting 80+ in 7 continents, and an is Ocean Ambassador, which he pursues through his marathon swims.


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